News from Steve

Welcome to our March newsletter.

Trust you find some notes of interest, maybe a handy recipe from Shaun in the kitchen or a wine tip from Ra in the dining room.

I am often asked what my role is at Logan Brown is.

FAQs; Do you still cook at Logan Brown?  No, never have but I do work closely with the team in the kitchen. It’s like the factory for Logan Brown and I love the product, its development and the challenge of making it and getting it to you, our guest, at its best every time and for a profit. Still trying to crack that one!

You must work long hours and have late nights?  No not really, I work pretty much longish office hours unless I am involved in a special function. After 35 years in the bizo of doing crazy hours I would be a grumpy old alcoholic, smoking 40 B&H a day. No one needs a boss like that.

So my role is all about supporting the team. They are the key to you having a great dining experience. My role is creating the values, strategies and systems to help the team to be the best they can. And that’s the easy part; keeping the values alive and the team using the systems and strategies is the hard part.

The other main role is keeping the team nice and busy with a steady flow of great guests.

So, how about swinging down to dine with us and have some delicious food and wine, and maybe (touch wood) enjoy a pleasurable experience as the team perform at their very best for you.

Some options;
Pre Arts festival show menu; available 7 nights from 5.30pm. We will get you to your show on time! Click here for our Current Bistro Menu.

HIGH TEA Saturdays from 1.30pm, click here to find out more!

Very recently we out catered for the Launch of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance in Wellington.

Protecting Antarctica and its surrounding Oceans, for all mankind, from a few greedy men hunting for minerals, or the last fish left, is a cause dear to our hearts.

See a short clip here about how to Join the Watch.